Wednesday, June 19 | 5:30 PM

Running Time: Approximately 70 Minutes


Wheelock College Classroom Building, Room 206

25 Pilgrim Road, Boston

Canadian Shorts II: Growing Pains


A selection of animated short films featuring stories about the joys and challenges of growing up different created for the National Film Board of Canada (all ages), including:


Private Eyes: Matthew is never afraid of the dark because he is blind. When his parents prepare a surprise for his birthday, he uses his remarkable other senses to guess what it might be.
The Girl Who Hated Books: Young Meena hates books even though her parents love to read. When her cat Max accidentally knocks down a huge stack, a whole new world opens up.
The Sound Collector: Six year-old Leonard has an unusual hobby of collecting and transforming regular household sounds into exciting stories he shares with his older brother.
Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room! Christopher’s fish protests his messy room, enlisting the help of a fastidious cockroach. Together, they hatch a plan that will change his cleaning habits forever.
Oma’s Quilt: A granddaughter, sensing that her grandmother isn’t happy after moving from her long time home to a senior residence, wishes to help by creating something special.
Asthma Tech: A young, whimsical boy with asthma is unable to participate in the everyday activities of his peers and classmates, but thanks to his artistic ability he learns that his imagination has the power to bridge gaps, transform and empower.
Big Mouth: Hand-drawn puppets dance, skip and cartwheel across the screen in this story of a bright-minded, quick-witted child, questioning what it means to speak the truth, and coming to understand how our differences make us unique.




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