Thursday, June 5 | 7:30 PM

Regent Theater, 7 Medford Street, Arlington

directed by Thierry Binisti | France/Israel/Canada | 2011 | 100 min.

In Hebrew, Arabic & French with subtitles

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French director Thierry Binisti takes a carefully nonpartisan view of the Israeli-Palestinian situation in this drama about a 17 year-old Israeli girl who develops an email relationship with a 20 year-old boy in Gaza after he finds her message in a bottle washed up on the beach.  Over the course of a single year, the two begin a search for common ground despite their uncommon circumstances. The film portrays a heartfelt engagement with war as experienced by those still growing into their opinions and allegiances. Starring Hiam Abbass (Rock the Casbah) and Mahmoud Shalabi (The Other).


Partial proceeds from the event benefits the Massachusetts-based Friends of the House of Hope Shelter, Inc., created for the specific purpose of supporting the shelter project of Dar Al Amal, or House of Hope as it is known in English. The House of Hope/Dar Al Amal, is a Lebanese non-denominational and non-governmental organization, which has added the development of a property into a shelter to its ongoing human rights work. The shelter will provide a secure place for at risk children, young girls and women, or those caught in situations of poverty, violence, sexual abuse, exploitation, marginalization, legal conflict, or recent prison release. In 2010, the House of Hope/Dar Al Amal bought a property with a building in need of rehabilitation, and with the donations collected by the fundraising events organized by the Friends of the House of Hope Shelter, is persistently renovating it.

Speakers: Larry Sternberg, visiting professor at the Hornstein Program for Jewish Leadership at Brandeis University, and Yousef Bashir, a 24 year-old Palestinian from Gaza who is currently a graduate student in Conflict and Coexistence at Brandeis University. In 2004 he was shot in the back by an Israeli soldier in front of his own home. Through excellent care by Israeli doctors at a Tel Aviv hospital, Yousef’s life was saved and he was able to learn to walk again. He has since dedicated his life to ending the cycle of hatred and revenge between Israel and Palestine.


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