Monday, January 20 | 12:00 PM

Studio Cinema | 376 Trapelo Road, Belmont

Running Time: Approximately 60 Minutes

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Lost & Found


Environmentally-themed, animated films that are as educational as they are entertaining. Includes: the multi-award winning Lost and Found about a little boy who tries to return a lost penguin to Antarctica; the Oscar nominated Oktapodi about an octopus couple and the adventure that ensues when they are separated; I Wish I Went to Ecuador, a child's eye view of a teacherís life changing expedition to an Ecuadorian rainforest and her mission to preserve these vital forests; The Krill Is Gone, a comedic take on the serious subject of man-made global warming voiced by Sponge Bobís Tom Kenney; The Curious Garden, about one boy's quest for a greener world, one garden at a time; Sarcastic Fringehead, about the ferocious fish that wrestle for their territory ; and Meltdown, in which a polar bear must try his luck finding a job in the big city when the last of his Arctic ice environment disappears. Ages 4+ ($5).


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