Belmont World Film (BWF), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, promotes cross-cultural understanding through film screenings accompanied by discussions led by expert speakers, cultural performances, and ethnic cuisine. This format distinguishes BWF’s screenings of international feature films, documentaries, animation, and shorts from traditional film presentations. BWF was founded in 2001 by Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas with the premise that foreign-language film can not only be a vehicle for hearing another language in action, but it can also foster an emotional understanding of other cultures. The Family Festival, geared to children age 2-12, began in 2003, and was founded by Rebecca Richards.

BWF presents an annual international film series in the spring, a weekend-long Family Film Festival during Martin Luther King Day weekend, and other special events throughout the year. We work with local and international organizations involved in global issues in an effort to heighten awareness and encourage people of all ages to think about making a difference in the world.

Since the series began in Spring 2002 (with a sold-out screening of Kandahar featuring a Q&A with Afghanistan Prime Minister Hamid Karzai's sister Fozia) films have been shown from such familiar European countries as the UK, France, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, and Finland, as well as less familiar countries, such as Bhutan, Bulgaria, Romania, Cuba, Bolivia, Iraq, Mongolia, Iceland, Singapore, and Luxembourg. Other speakers have included UN envoys, international filmmakers, academic experts on international relations, languages, and humanities, journalists, film stars, and documentary film subjects. BWF has also provided a forum for organizations to raise money for and awareness of many causes, some of which include The Sudanese Education Fund, the Chinese orphanage program Half the Sky, the South American Little Angels of Columbia for homeless elders, PH15 (a photography program for children and adolescents from the poorest sections of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Camfed International, the Peace Corps, and Widows of Rwandan genocide.

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